(mezquite [meskíte], apocope of mizquicuáhuitl 'mesquite tree' < Nahuatl mízquitl 'tree that produces gum that can be used as dye' and cuáhuitl 'tree')
   1) DARE: 1805; Texas: 1834. A shrub or small tree of the genus Prosopis, especially P. juliflora. By extension, a thicket formed by these plants.
   Alternate forms: masketo, mesketis, meskit, mesquiet, mesquit, mesquito, mezquit, mezquite, moscheto, mosquito, musqueto, musquit, skeet.
   2) Texas: 1898. Referenced by the DARE as "a horsemint."
   3) Louisiana: 1913. A variety of huisache, including Acacia farnesiana.
   4) See mesquite grass. The DRAE defines mezquite as an American rubber-producing tree of the Mimosa family, similar to an acacia. An extract obtained from the leaves can be used to cure ophthalmia. Santamaría describes the tree in more detail than the DRAE. He gives the genus and species Prosopis juliflora (Cf. above) and indicates that it is a leguminous tree found in abundance in Mexico. It may grow to a great height, but ordinarily does not exceed seven to nine feet. Its branches are spread apart and don't provide a very complete shade; its leaves are composed of an even number of spiny leaflets; its fragrant white flowers grow in sprays or sprigs; and it produces a beanlike fruit. The tree grows in high altitudes and arid climates, especially in sandy ground near the edge of rivers. Its bark exudes a pungent gum used by some residents of Mexico as a food and as an adulterating agent for gum arabic when dissolved in sugar water. The tree is also valued for its compact heavy wood, which can be polished; its fruit and leaves, which are often used for forage; its seeds, which are toasted and mixed with coffee. When ground into a flourlike substance, the fruit makes a pleasant-tasting drink, and the leaves when boiled are used as a home remedy to cure inflammation of the eyes (the curative is known as bálsamo de mezquite).

Cowboy Talk. A Dictionary of Spanish Terms. . 2013.

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